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Pictures and blog from our China Adoption!

11/29/09 7:41PM
Today we celebrated Kaeli's 2nd birthday at the Lehigh Valley Zoo.  It was great to see everybody.  Wow... the girls are growing up fast!  See some pictures!

11/25/09 3:12PM
Well, we just got our Holiday pictures back.  We think they came out pretty well.  It's not easy to get a 20 month year old to cooperate!  The pictures are out of order, but you can tell which ones were first (bad mood, towel, etc...) ha ha. Happy Holidays.

10/04/09 7:41PM
Check out some pictures from Joanna's Christening (and a few pictures at home afterwards).

06/07/09 8:55PM
Today our adoption agency, Adoptions from the Heart, had their annual picnic at a park in Port Washington, PA.  There must have been 1,000+ people there, which included families that adopted domestically and internationally.  It has been practically 5 months since we have seen the other couples we went to China with...  Needless to say it was very good to see everybody.  Andrea later told me that she almost broke out in tears when she saw everybody.  The kids are not walking, they are all pretty much running!  Two of the couples did not attend.  Lori and Mike are moving to Tennessee within a few days.  Their neighbors threw them a party last night, so they were not able to make it unfortunately.  I am not sure what happened to Tom and Roe.  Last I heard, they were planning on attending the festivities.  I tried my best to take decent pictures, but since the kids are running everywhere, it was very difficult to have any of them stay still for two seconds.  Check out the pictures!

03/28/09 10:42AM
It's been a while since we've updated the web site, but I wanted to post some new pictures.  These pictures were taken about 2 weeks ago. We're all doing great.  Joanna is walking now!

01/05/09 10:31AM - ITS GOOD to BE HOME... not sleep a wink. Once we arrived in Hong Kong we had to get out with all of our things to go through Immigration. We were going to have to get out again in order to actually walk across the boarder (not sure why, something to do with Hong Kong and China being separate entities) but our agency arranged it so that we did not have to. Instead, a man from Customs came on the bus and inspected us.... it was not as eventful as it sounds but saved us from lugging all of our stuff out and back in again.

We finally crossed the boarder to Hong Kong and checked in at the Regency Hotel right in the airport. It was New Years Eve already for us and the hotel was decorated so nice. They were having a huge party but we could not go because we were completely pooped.

We did sleep.... woke up 5am to get all of our stuff together and meet the group in the lobby at 8am. Our flight left at 11:15am China time on New Years Day but U.S. time was still 1 day behind.... so, with minimal sleep and missing an entire day because of the time change we boarded the 16 hour flight. We were so tired but we new we were coming home so we did not even care!

When we sat down on the plane, there was a woman who was supposed to be in the joining 3rd seat to us. She looked at us with the baby and walked away. We never saw her again! So we wound up with seats in a row...  I can only assume that someone up there was looking down and arranged that because seriously we would have been completely insane with out that little bit of extra space.

Joanna was up again on this trip. Yes. Out of 16 hours she slept about 45 minutes. She crawled back and fourth between mom and dad for the entire flight. A 16 hour flight is very long. You notice every hour. We kept looking at the flight map on the computer screen in front of us to see where we were.... ugh, it was never ending.

We landed as scheduled at about 2:00 on New Years Day U.S. time. But the time change is a little crazy because we actually skipped an entire day. The night before we left in Hong Kong it was New Years Eve. During our flight, according to U.S. time, it was New Years Eve again. And We had no sleep on the flight and an exhausting prior couple of days... so our bodies are moving but not sure how!

When we landed we needed to go through Immigration and Customs to give off the "brown folder" that was given to us from the U.S. Consulate in China. We handed it off to the man at the Immigration counter and he reviewed it. He had his little American Flag pin and said, "She's beautiful, Congratulations and Welcome Home". Ah..... What a great feeling. At that moment, Joanna became a Citizen of the United States.

We gathered all our bags weighing in at about 175 pounds all together! and headed towards the exit.

The entire LaRosa crew was there waving and holding signs up to welcome Joanna. What an amazing picture of everyone crying and smiling all at the same time. Joanna was a little overwhelmed with all the new faces but did not even cry. I think she was in shock! But she gave everyone an intense stare and even a little smile.  When we got home Jason's mom, Carole and his brother Corey decorated the house with signs and had the refrigerator stocked with food!

We got lots of help getting our things home and spent some time with the families eating some good food. Even though we were so tired it was just so good to see everyone. Joanna fell asleep on the car ride home from the airport and slept through her visitors. We let her sleep.... she needed it.

We had so much to get organized getting back from the long trip and so much adjusting to do but we are getting there. We are in a little better shape but unfortunately Joanna is still on China time. She is up all night and sleeping during the day so mom and dad are working on that. Hopefully, she can come into our time zone soon cause we need sleep! (we have to give a shot out to Aunt Gina who took the night shift the other night! Thanks Aunt Gina!)

Joanna is doing great overall. She is still adjusting but smiles a lot and loves music. She sings and sways back and fourth when she hears any kind of beat or soon. We can't believe that we are finally home with her. It seems we never had a life with out her.

Going to China was more amazing than we could have imagined. We learned so much about the culture and the people. It is such an interesting place with pretty landscapes and beautiful parks. The cities are crowded and the people work hard. They seem honest and respectful of one another and of us. They were good to us. We always felt safe wherever we were and we left there with an appreciation of what we have home but with a huge respect for China and its people.

We have had so many people following our journey. Family and friends told friends and family so we are getting so many good thoughts and wishes. We feel like Joanna is a celebrity! When she is older, we can tell her about how many people followed her story.

What an amazing ride..... but its good to be home.... Thanks so much for following our journey..... and pictures will be posted soon.   

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